Why You Should Trust GATEKRASHER For Your Service Provider

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Finding dependable and reliable services in Nigeria can really be a drag, from artisans delaying their services to them just doing an all-round shoddy job.

There are lots of artisans around us but there is always the problem of being able to contact these artisans especially after moving to a new apartment or carrying out a project far from our primary location, we are often required to enquire for artisans around us through a referral or other sources with limited options.

With so many diverse artisans to choose from, we take the difficulty out of finding the right artisan near you anytime you need one. GateKrasher connects people to a wide community of professional service providers or artisans.

Gatekrasher allows you save time, money, and live smarter by conveniently connecting you with reliable and affordable artisans

Gatekrasher is currently available on Android and IOS with both versions of the app providing a well-rounded positive experience for everyone.

Our App is easy to use with a very functional and interactive search screen. The search for a service provider takes less than 3 seconds. you have the option to contact the various listed professional and then compare prices, make your choice and hire a professional of your choice.

All registered professionals are verified as the safety of the customers is priority. There is a wide variety of services to choose from in the app.

As a client, you are exposed to reliable services that have been vetted and rated by our team. You should trust all our artisans because, they undergo thorough vetting including background security checks.
Also, we have details of our artisans’workshops (location) and contact information of their references. All our artisans are expected to show their National IDs to clients before they are admitted. When artisans are assigned to clients, their details are shared including their portraits and customer ratings.

As part of the vetting process, our professionals undergo customer relationship trainings. We uphold very high and strict standard. We have active telephone line and a messaging platform for service users to easily make complaints about the professional conducts of our artisans and make sure to address those complaints in the best way possible.

Now the good stuff! searching for artisans on our platform is free of charge.

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