Types of Carpentry: The Basics You Need To Know.

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Before you learn about the types of carpentry we have, do you have a basic understanding of carpentry? Let’s look at that first.

What is Carpentry? 

It is a skill that involves making, constructing, and maintaining buildings, furniture, and other objects with wood. Those with the carpentry skill are called Carpenters. 


Types Of Carpentry

There are several types of carpentry. However, two are general, while the others are subcategories. 

General Types Of Carpentry

1. Rough Carpentry 

A rough carpenter knows how to construct walls, roofs, and floors. Firstly, they deal with the skeleton of the house or building. Secondly, this type of carpentry doesn’t require a neat finish because a wall or other things will cover it up. 

2. Finish Carpentry 

This type of carpentry is about the visible carpentry work done on a building.  Specifically, the ones who continue what the rough carpenter started. 

The work includes decking, flooring, building staircases, installing windows and doors, and other structures. 

Other Types of Carpentry 

3. Trim Carpentry

A trim carpenter specializes in installing trims and moldings into a room such as mantels, skirting boards, ornamental trims, and so on. 

4. Residential Carpentry

These types of carpenters focus on one new home build and remodeling.

5. Jointer Carpentry 

Types of carpentry

A Jointer constructs floor joints where they fit floor surfaces. In other words, they are involved in wooden floor finishes and are required to use a more detailed process to result in a more polished product. 

6. Cabinet Carpentry 

Types of carpentry

As the name implies, they specialize in making cabinets for kitchens, laundry rooms, bathrooms, bedrooms, offices, and other areas of a building. 

7. Green Carpentry 

A green carpenter is more interested and skilled in using environmentally friendly materials and methods in their projects. 

8. Scenic Carpentry

Types of carpentry

This involves carpenters who specialize in erecting and dismantling scenery and sets that are used in documentaries, movies, television and stage plays.  

9. Roofer Carpentry 

Types of carpentry

These types of carpenters specialize in the rafters, beams, and trusses of roof construction. They also ensure that the roofs are structurally sound to maintain the durability factor required by clients. 

10. Framer Carpentry

A framer specializes in the framework of houses or buildings. Also, the difference between a framer and a rough carpenter is that a framer specializes in framework and is often individually hired for lone projects or on a contract. 

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