Keep Your Business Afloat During COVID-19

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Unfortunately, the COVID-19 pandemic hit small businesses hard. What’s worse is that some experts have advised businesses owners to rethink their business strategy and begin investing in multiple channels. Whether the pandemic ends within a month or two or stretches into the long-term, small business owners need to be ready to buckle down, reassess and make changes to their business strategy in order to weather the storm (and beyond). Some advice:

  1. Think About Adapting to Current Market Trends

Current market trends are going to be difficult to understand and predict, but this might work to your advantage. If you quickly spend the time to understand the current landscape of your market and the world, you can reoptimize your business’s positioning. Maybe your business can provide its product or services more remotely than you thought. If you’re able to capitalize on this now, then when the pandemic is over you may have an entirely new revenue stream to leverage or a whole new business pathway. Your business could transform from one that is focused exclusively on in-person services and sales to one that approaches those sales from two angles: in person and or online.


  1. Keep an Open Mind and Stay Positive

The world is a scary place right now. Eventually, things will get better, most things will return to normal, and those things which permanently change are all things that you will be able to adapt to.

Entrepreneurship is always full of challenges and this is no different. Approach it like you will approach any other roadblock. The fact that you’re reading this and thinking about how to make it through places you ahead of most.

  1. Business Basics

Ensure your workplace follows the required hygiene rules. Soap, Hand sanitizer Face Mask, tissues etc. should be available to your team and used. Regularly clean common contact areas regularly. If you have hot desks or desk sharing, ensure that users are aware of this requirement.

If your service requires you that you go out often or you have to be present at the customers place, make sure you use face mask and wash your hand before the service is provided and after the service is provided.

Follow the guidelines that apply to your business sector. Encourage all staff and customers to follow these guidelines.

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