How To Get A Dispatch Rider On Gatekrasher Instantly

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In the logistics world today, timing is everything. It is important to deliver every parcel, document, and package without stress. Getting a dispatch rider instantly is easy peasy.

There are several complaints of delay, misdelivery and even missed delivery because some dispatch companies accept to deliver packages when they are fully booked for the day. 

It reminds me of a particular day my good friend got a big contract, and to hit the bullseye, he had to deliver a parcel to his client. He scheduled delivery with a dispatch company before the day to get the parcel to the client in time.

He explained how urgent it was for the rider to pick up and deliver the package early. The client was to leave the country the following morning.

The rider arrived a few minutes late the next day, and it did not end there.

Dispatch Rider

The rider was missing in action the rest of the day. My friend reached out to the delivery company severally to get an update, but it was the same excuse they kept giving him. You know the “he will deliver the package soon excuse.” 

The client left without seeing the parcel because he did not want to miss his flight. We figured out that the dispatch company did not have enough riders to deliver their packages when we did our research.

My friend lost a big gig and a client forever because the delivery company was not reliable. 

The good news is there are still a few dispatch companies that understand the urgency of delivering packages on time. 

Are you having issues getting a dispatch rider instantly and having them deliver your packages on time? Check out a few steps on how to get a dispatch rider on Gatekrasher instantly:

1. Collate your delivery orders

It is as simple as it sounds. Collating your order involves you adding every essential detail of the delivery in an organized manner. Do this to avoid misdelivery and unnecessary delay. Below is a sample of how to collate your delivery order:  

  •  Pick up location
  •  Pick up number
  • Delivery location
  • Delivery Number


2. Get a dispatch rider near you 

After collating the orders, the next step is to request a rider and get a dispatch rider near you. All you need to do is head on to Gatekrasher or send a WhatsApp message to 08090254557 to get connected to a rider instantly.  It is easier, cheaper, faster and very reliable.

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