How to break a padlock: The Ultimate Guide.

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You are reading this article is because you want to learn how to break a padlock. You probably don’t have a key because you lost it or locked it by mistake in a place you can’t reach. 

These mistakes happen a lot, so don’t beat yourself up. If you follow the steps you are about to learn, you will learn how to break the padlock easily. 

What’s the first step? 

The first step is to know what kind of padlock you are trying to break. It’s important to know that you can not provide a solution to the problem you don’t know, 

Different Types Of Padlocks. 

If you want to break a padlock, know what type of lock it is. It’s important to realize that if you don’t know how the problem looks, there’s no way for you to provide a solution.

  • Long Shackle Padlocks

These are the regular padlocks. They are the U-shaped padlocks we use at home. They are reliable because they can hold things in our house with a small gap because of their long shackle. 

The padlocks are also very affordable and available because several people use them. Although they have these qualities, they are the easiest to break. 

  • Closed Shackle Padlocks 




They are hard to open because the shackles are covered, and the padlock is round. It will be hard for anyone to break through this without a key. 

  • Straight Shackle Padlocks


              Straight Shackle Padlocks


These types are commonly known as shutter padlocks. They fit perfectly on the locking fitment of steel roller shutter doors.

  • Disc Tumbler lock 

How to break a padlock

They are the best for protecting against bolt cutter attacks as they are made with a shrouded shackle. 

How To Break A Padlock: The Ultimate Guide 

1. Try Picking it 

Paper pins

You have probably seen this a lot in movies. Picking locks with paper clips, hairpins, lock pin, or small thin screwdriver to open locks. If you get stuck in a situation where you have to break your padlock, try this method first. Get a lock pin or small thin screwdriver and dial three times on the right (clockwise).

On your third turn, push it forward, the dial on the left to get the first combination right, and rotate the dial twice until you get the last combination. 

When you do that, gently pull down the body of the padlock away from the shackle. 

2. Use a hammer


Use a hammer to crack the padlock. 

Step 1; Put your fingers between the shackles. 

Step 2; Hold the shackle by pulling it away from the body. 

Step 3; Hit the fixed end where the shackle and its body meet. 

Step 4; Hit it with the hammer repeatedly until the body releases the shackle with medium force.

3. Use a canister with compressed air.

How to break a padlock

Spray the hole with difluoroethane. This gas will make the locking mechanism of the padlock brittle by freezing it. When you hit the padlock with the hammer, the padlock will break easily. A little help from science won’t hurt. 

You must know you should spray the hole up to 30 times while wearing protective gloves. 

Now that you know these tricks, you can have these materials somewhere safe perhaps you lock yourself out by mistake again. 

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