Event Cleaning Tasks – Before And After Event

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“Event Cleaning is a lot of work” This statement is not to scare you but to help you plan effectively. It is a critical part of planning or organizing an event, and that is why there are three categories of event cleaning tasks. 

  1. Pre-Cleaning
  2. Event Cleaning 
  3. Post-Cleaning. 

Let’s break this down in detail. If you are the planner, cleaning agent, or someone involved with event cleaning, it is essential to have an event cleaning checklist. 


Cleaning checklist

A checklist consists of a list of items you want to do. It also serves as a reminder to enable your cleaning to go smoothly. 

It helps you to stay organized and reminds you of the million and one things you have to do. Checklists help you prioritize and stay focused on the important tasks. 

When writing your checklist, you want to start with the three phases of event cleaning tasks. 



You need to check the event venue to know if it is cleaned appropriately for the day. Pre-cleaning usually happens after decorating, painting, and other repairs are in place. It is the first phase of event cleaning before the guests arrive. 

You need to ensure that the people and cleaning equipment like cleaning cloths, bin bags, paper towels, and other tools are readily available. You don’t want to be caught unprepared.

 Lastly, you should also ensure you make preparations for restroom services.


It is called the D-Day cleaning. You will need to be on standby to clean in case of spilling drinks or other similar mishaps. You want to ensure that everywhere is still clean and the guests are comfortable. 

You should also ensure someone is on standby for restroom services. No guest would love to be in a dirty restroom, even if you cleaned it in the pre-cleaning phase. 



It is the final stage of cleaning. It requires more people, energy, and cleaning equipment than the other phases. This stage aims to bring the venue back to the way it was after pre-cleaning. 

Tasks in the phase include

  •  Disposing of accumulated waste 
  • Cleaning floors and other surfaces 
  • Cleaning the bathroom and kitchen
  • Sweeping and so on. 

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