The Essential Blacksmith Tools Every Beginner Needs.

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Who Is  A Blacksmith?

A blacksmith is a person who makes or repairs objects out of iron by hot or cold forging on an anvil. 

It’s amazing how blacksmiths can make their tools, unlike other craftmen. To effectively do your job as a blacksmith, there are essential blacksmith tools you should have.

As a beginner, your safety is a top priority, so you should have the safety tools on top of the list. 

1. Aprons 

Blacksmith tools
The kitchen comes to mind first when you think about the apron, right? Well, it is almost the same for the blacksmith. Just as the apron is worn to protect and avoid unnecessary stain, it is the same for the blacksmith. 

Although, this type of apron is leather. It is a tool every blacksmith should have because it covers a large portion of the body. It prevents serious burns and damage to their clothes. 

Some aprons are uniquely designed to have pockets and zip to accommodate blacksmith’s tools that can fit in. 

2. Leather Hand Gloves 

Heat-resistant gloves are part of the protective tools every blacksmith should have. The hands of a blacksmith are his most prized possession. It will be a loss if he doesn’t protect it the best way he can.

The duty of the heat-resistant glove is to protect the hand of the blacksmith from the arm or serious damage when working with hot materials. 

3. Safety Glasses 

These glasses protect your vision, especially when working on forging projects. They can protect the eyes from dangerous forge and UV. 

4. Hammer

A hammer is an interesting blacksmith tool. It is a powerful tool in the harm of a blacksmith because it helps facilitate the desired shaping of a workpiece without exacting excess force. 

Hammers are created in different shapes and sizes. Not all can serve the purpose of a blacksmith. Types of blacksmith hammers for beginners 

  • Jackson 4-pound hardwood handle cross pen hammer.  
  • Stanley 56-003 Antivibe Drywall Hammer
  • Anvil brand rounding hammer 
  • Picard 3.3-pound Swedish pattern 
  • Sledgehammer

5. Chisel 

A chisel is for cutting both hot and cold metal. Short and thick chisels are used to cut cold metals, while hot metals require thinner and longer chisels. They are often used with a tool called Hardy. 

6. Anvil 

An anvil is an iron block on which metal is placed to be shaped originally by hand with a hammer. You can easily recognize this in a blacksmith’s workshop because it is a sturdy and heavy piece of metal with a flat surface. 

7. Vise 

This blacksmith tool is helpful to the blacksmith because it consists of two parallel jaws. It allows you to hold a workpiece hands-free. One jaw is fixed, and the other is movable by a screwdriver, lever, or cam. For example, it can steadily hold a hot metal piece for you while you work on it.

8. Tongs

Blacksmith tools

Blacksmith tongs are essential tools for the blacksmith hand forging process. The tongs allow you to move and grasp the metal workpieces without directly grabbing them with your hands. 

Types of tongs include;

  • V-bit bolt tongs
  • Wolf jaw tongs
  • Z-jaw tongs 
  • Flat Jaw tongs
  • Duckbill tongs 
  • Box Jaw tongs 
  • Pick-up tongs & Rivet tongs
  • Bent knee tongs 
  • Hammer tongs 
  • Spreading tongs

9. Drifts 

This blacksmith tool is also called the drift punch or drift pin. It is for enlarging holes. 

Other blacksmith tools to take note of include,

  • Punches
  • Forge 
  • Wire Brush
  • Swages 
  • Hardy 
  • Cone Mandrel 

Blacksmith tools

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