7 Craftsman repair tools you should have at home.

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 If you are not fond of knocking on your neighbor’s door to lend craftsman repair tools all the time. Here are 7 tools you should have at home. 

You can fix almost anything with these basic home repair tools. It is essential to know that you can start investing in your tool kit gradually.

1. Hammer

The hammer is an important craftsman repair tool you should have at home. You will always need it at some point in time. There are several types of hammers, but the most common type is the claw hammer. 

The claw hammer contains a double-sided head used for driving nails into or removing nails from an object. It comes in handy for woodwork, but it is not limited to wood products.


2. Pliers

What have you heard about pliers?  That they are hand tools used for gripping small objects and bending wires? Yes, you heard right. They are essential craftsman repair tools made in different shapes and sizes. Pliers also come in handy for cutting wires.

Some standard types of pliers include: 

  1. Hose clamp pliers
  2. Crimping pliers
  3. Longnose pliers
  4. Diagonal pliers
  5. Slip joint pliers
  6. Snap Ring pliers
  7. Tongue and groove pliers.

Pliers tool

3. Screwdriver

It is used to either tighten or loosen a screw. Imagine having to call an expert over a loose screw when you can use your screwdriver to fix it. Don’t waste money, instead get a screwdriver.

screwdriver tool

4. Measuring Tape

The measuring tape is one of the best craftsman repair tools to have at home. It is a measuring device used to determine the size of an object or the distance between objects. It is also easy to use.  

Measuring tape tool

5. Hand Gloves

The need to have gloves as a part of your repair tools should not be in question. You can call them safety gloves used to protect your hands from hazards. Your job will run smoothly with the help of your safety gloves. Several materials offer protection against specific dangers because different tasks require different types of gloves. 

Three types of gloves based on materials are; 

  1. Canvas Gloves: These are fiber and other synthetic materials. It is ideal to use as a protection from moderate heat and cold. It also provides resistance to abrasions. 
  2. Leather Gloves: This type protects from rough objects, chips, sparks, blows, and moderate heat. 
  3. Metal mesh: This comes in handy in areas where there is exposure to heat.

repair tools d

6. Flashlight

The flashlight comes in handy when you least expect it. The beauty of having a rechargeable flashlight is that you don’t have to run about looking for batteries to keep it on. They can work for at least 7 to 8 hours long.

craftman repair tool

7. Tool Box

A toolbox is also referred to as a toolkit or a workbox. It is the home of your tools. To avoid your repair tools from being scattered everywhere, you need a toolbox. It helps you organize, carry and protect your tools from unwanted exposure. If you have kids in the house then owning a toolbox is very important. 

tool box

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