6 Effective ways to get more out of an artisan

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In our previous post, we explained what it means to be an artisan. Haven’t checked that out yet? You should do that! Today, we are focusing on 6 effective ways to get more out of an artisan. We have some tips for you. 

Below are the 6 effective ways to get more out of an artisan.


1. Pay well.

Imagine getting paid N50,000 per job, and your client wants a job well done but is only willing to pay half of what you earn on the norm. Would you give him to the best of your ability? The answer is No. 

You won’t be enthusiastic about it. The same theory applies to this. You can not get more out of an artisan if you don’t pay well. 

2. Foster good communication. 

Focus on clear communication. You need to explain what you want. Never assume the artisan understands without confirming. You can foster good communication by sending pictures and materials you want. It’s easier to get more out of artisans when there is clear communication. 

3. Ask if your artisan needs help.

Artisans are human. As little as offering them water to drink can help them be more productive. Treat them as you would treat a staff you want to give you their best.

4. Give Feedback. 

There are two types of feedback. 

  1. Positive feedback: This kind of feedback is to praise and encourage if your artisan does a job well done. It is best to give positive feedback if you want to get more out of an artisan. 
  2. Negative feedback: This kind of feedback should be fair, carefully expressed, and focused on the parts that need improvement. If you do this, the artisan will realize what is lacking and focus on becoming better. 

5. Don’t Intrude too much. 

You may have a good understanding of what the artisan is doing, but intruding too much can make them feel a little less of themselves. You should let them do their thing. People learn differently, and there are several techniques to arrive at the same point.

6. Hire an artisan you can trust. 

Hire an artisan you can trust is easier than you think. Remember our first point, which is to pay well. You may not know how to get the average price for a service, but all is not lost. 

You can do this by using Gatekrasher, a platform that connects customers to artisans. The app will help you get an estimated price because multiple artisans will send you their prices, and you can choose the one that best fits your budget.

Also, all artisans on the platform are verified. They only get paid after you are satisfied with the job they have done.

READ MORE: About Gatekrasher.

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