5 Reasons you should Register Your Business on GATEKRASHER

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With more of the buyer’s journey moving online, looking up businesses in printed listings and hard copies of trade journals is all but extinct. Today’s searchers generally “Google it” and use trusted Service Provider App to get their jobs done.

Having your services appear on our platform Gatekrasher is crucial to remain competitive in the digital era.



Appearing on our platform verifies that your business is a serious and proven provider, not some shell and shady business. You will often be seen as a reliable source for finding high-quality, trustworthy service.Our Customer review features can help strengthen your reputation and set you apart from competitors.


2.Provide Employment #KrashUnemployment

GateKrasher seeks to reduce unemployment and also help professionals earn extra money even if they are employed. You don’t need to spend money getting a space or marketing your skills, we would keep marketing to drive more customers to you. As a service provider, you gain access to a group of clients who are willing to pay promptly for your services.


3.Gain Greater Visibility and Accessibility

Having your business registered on our App will increase your visibility to different audiences. This is because every individual is different and they search for services in different ways. With your service on our App, people can easily get to know about you and other information. You would discover that despite having reached potential market targets, there are some who might still be ignorant about your service or about your existence for that matter. GateKrasher serves as the perfect platform to showcase your products and your services anytime, anywhere.


4. A Cost-Effective Investment

Unlike other mediums of business promotion, Our App provides users with multiple service options and authentic client reviews. There lies no doubt about the immense benefit that professionals receive after registering to on our App. Whether it’s a new start-up or a business that has been established for years, every entrepreneur seeks to gain the maximum possible attention from the target audience and increase their business revenue. go ahead and get noticed by registering your business on Gatekrasher today.


4. Free Training

We not only believe in offering the customers with the best professional artisans but also to empower service professionals by providing them with an increased revenue and a larger pool of clients, we will in turn encourage the majority, whom are not properly trained to go get a proper education in their skill because without that, they won’t be able to get on our platform.

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