Tips on Increasing and Retaining Your Customers

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Customer service is the golden key to any successful business – if you don’t have it, make it a priority. Customer service has evolved over the years; instead of one-on-one private interaction in person or via phone call, it is now evolved around social media as well.

Smart business owners know that every customer relationship lost, either to a competitor or otherwise.
Want to improve your customer service and increase sales performance? The following tips will help you gain insight on what to do in order to improve your customer service and increase your sales performance:

1.Embrace Social Media

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram help consumers to connect with their favorite brands almost instantly, making customer service much crucial than ever before.

The relationship between businesses and customers has evolved a great deal with the rise of social media.

In the early days, people didn’t want brands on social media because they viewed it as advertising spam, but those views have changed, brands have learned how to interact with people in a way that they enjoy.

If your company posts nothing but sales pitches, it’s not likely you’ll build a great relationship, but if you engage with fans and share valuable, entertaining, or informative content that is suited to the platform, people will be more than happy to have you on their timeline next to friends and family.

A few ways to keep customers happy on social media include:

  • Responding to posts that your brand is mentioned in, positive or negative
  • “Liking” or favoriting posts that your brand is tagged in Sharing/reposting fan posts
  • Asking questions and engaging in a conversation
  • Running contests or giveaways
  • Sharing funny, educational, or entertaining content that is relevant to your brand
  • Aligning with relevant current events

2. Solicit Feedback from Customers

Receiving feedback from your customers is essential to improve your business overall. Find ways to solicit feedbackfor instance, as a business, you could request telephone numbers or email addresses to text or email surveys to them. It is important to identify whether your business is meeting or exceeding your customer’s expectations. Use the feedback you receive to improve your products or services.

3.Respond Quickly

The most efficient aspect of social media is that it works fast and is easy to use. It allows brands to quickly connect with their consumers via any of their platforms. Consumers are now also turning to Twitter or Facebook to voice their experiences online – and expect to receive a response from their favorite companies within a 24-48-hour gap.

4.Go the Extra Mile

As a successful business, going an extra mile for customers is vital. Going that extra mile can change a stressful or ordinary experience into a positive and memorable one, highlighting the brand’s ability to not only empathize with its customers but to also enact real change that positively affects them as well. Showing that you care about your customers allows them to appreciate your services and want to continue to build a relationship with you.

5.Take Advantage of Negative Feedback

Nobody likes to hear negative comments about themselves or their business – but instead of getting hurt, take it as a great opportunity to turn your customer’s experience around. Nobody runs a perfect business with the perfect customers, receiving any kind of feedback helps you and your company to learn and grow as you go. Addressing a complaint or bad experience shows customers that their voices are being heard and that each individual is a valued customer. Increasing engagement and value can increase customer loyalty, resulting in continued engagement and sales.

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