With the rapid spread of Covid-19, (which most people still refer to as Coronavirus) all around the world, it is important to start taking precautions to avert the most deadly outcome of coming in contact with the disease.

Scientists have stated that Covid-19 is like an advanced version of the flu, as such, having a strong immune system that would be able to fight off the infection, is key to our collective survival. As such, giving our immune system a much-needed boost should be a matter of pressing concern for us all!

  1. Stop smoking

If you’re someone who usually reaches for a stick of cigarette to calm down, or as a habit you’re trying to kick, now is the best time to kick this habit to the curb as cigarettes are not only bad for your lungs, but they also lower your body’s natural immunity which makes you more susceptible to infections.

  1. Hydrate often

If you’re someone who has been looking for a reason to drink more water, then consider this your moment of enlightenment as water not only helps to flush out toxins from your system, but also keeps you from being dehydrated. Why is it important for your body not to be dehydrated? Dehydration lowers your body’s immunity, which is not what you want to be dealing with when there’s a respiratory virus spreading all over the globe.

  1. Get enough Sleep

Not only is sleep essential for finally giving your body some much needed rest, and helping your body repair muscles, it also helps your body work optimally, and that is definitely a state you want your body in, so your immune system can be better primed to fight any infection that might come its way.

  1. Stress less

Stress can be hazardous to your peace of mind, your mental health, your heart health, and also your body’s natural immunity. So, give your body a chance to fight off any and all infections by engaging in some meditation exercise and consciously letting go of anything that might trouble you. And yes, that includes the thoughts of this virus spreading.

  1. Drink in moderation

If you’re somewhat of a heavy drinker, now might be a good time to ease back on that. Not only does excessive alcohol intake impair your body’s immunity, but it also makes you more susceptible to lung infections, which is definitely not where you want to be when you consider that COVID-19 gives flu-type symptoms, and sometimes, upper respiratory tract infections!

  1. Exercise more regularly

Exercise provides so many benefits to your body, other than just helping you lose weight, and being good for your cardiovascular health. Exercise also provides kinetic energy to your lymphatic system, which then uses this energy to transport immune cells and metabolic waste. Exercise also causes you to sweat, which helps your body get rid of toxins, which is definitely a win-win situation when you’re trying to fight off an infection!

  1. Get some sunlight

Low vitamin D levels in the body has been linked to a higher risk of respiratory infection. So spend some time in the early morning sun, and let that sunlight goodness sink into your skin.

  1. Consider taking supplements

If you’re someone who is worried that you might not be getting enough of the vitamins and minerals your body needs to fight off an infection, via food or other sources, then maybe consider taking a supplement. Supplements are great ways to give your body more of the nutrients it might be lacking.

  1. Take probiotics

Good bacteria in your system is essential for fighting off viral infections as not only does it not create space in your body for other bacteria, but it also stimulates your body’s production of antibodies, natural killer cells, T-cells and phagocytes which in turn destroy viruses and bacteria.

  1. Eat a diet high in fruits and vegetables

What your body needs to fight off infections is usually present in the diet you consume. A diet rich in fruits and vegetables is high in antioxidants, which help to fight free radicals (chemical by-products that can lower your body’s immune system) in your body.

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